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Barbara Gold


Compassion, Empathy and Emotional Healing 


Welcome to my website. I hope you 

will find it informative and helpful.


  • Throughout over thirty five years of practicing psychotherapy, I have been and continue to be committed to helping people change and grow in order to experience all the happiness and satisfaction their lives have to offer.

  • People seek counseling/therapy for a variety of reasons, most often because they are dealing with a problem or problems which interfere with living their lives in as positive and productive a manner as possible. Sometimes people use therapy as a preventative/learning experience for life events such as premarital counseling.​
  • The idea, once the norm, that therapy carries a stigma, has long since given way to the understanding that emotional and psychological health are as important as physical health and essential to well-being. 

  • In therapy, obstacles are identified, as well as the thinking, emotional and behavioral patterns which affect us and are sometimes out of our conscious awareness.

  • This basically means that what we don’t know can hurt us!  As we learn and become more aware, our ability to understand ourselves allows us to make new and different choices about how we live our lives and in our relationships.

  • During my many years of practice, I have often heard people say they believe that needing help is a sign of weakness. On the contrary, having the courage to face problems and to then seek help for them requires great courage, as well as strength.

  • Oftentimes, when people have tried everything they know to do without achieving the desired results, they feel hopeless. There is no reason to give up hope-I’ve worked with people in their eighties who have been motivated to make changes and have done so. That’s certainly a message for the rest of us!

  • If you are in the Dallas, Texas metroplex area needing help with issues such as sexuality, self-esteem, depression, anxiety and relationship/family problems, I am here to help and hope you will contact me.

Loving Courageously

First Me, Then You, Now Us

Barbara Gold



Why a book?

In over 35 years of counseling people, I’ve learned a great deal about what

works and what doesn’t. My goal is to share that knowledge with my readers. Loving Courageously is a broad overview of many of the components of emotional well-being, relationships, and how to create a life of

deep satisfaction.

The book addresses such topics as:

  • - the importance and necessity of healthy emotional self-care
  • -re-writing the script we’ve been handed
  • -boundaries
  • -effective communication and collaborative problem solving
  • -understanding gender differences
  • -creating emotional and sexual intimacy in a committed partnership
  • -learning how to be a “good enough” parent

My hope is to provide you with some new and different ways of thinking, feeling and being which will enhance your happiness and life quality.

Available on Amazon in paperback, Audible and Kindle formats.