Barbara Gold 
Compassion, Empathy and Emotional Healing 


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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Why Therapy?

There are times in all of our lives during which we experience distress and unhappiness. As we attempt to sort and work through these challenges, it is often necessary, or at least helpful, to have someone who can help us navigate those rough seas to arrive safely upon sturdier ground, bringing with us new and better tools to use once we are there.

How Does Therapy Work?

Therapy is a process of identifying goals and their
obstacles, examining emotional, intellectual and behavioral patterns
which interfere with reaching those goals and making conscious what has
been out of our awareness.  We are then able to heal past wounds
and better understand ourselves in order to move forward and make positive changes in ourselves and our lives.


What do I need at the first office visit?

I am out of network with all insurance providers. If you wish to file for out of network benefits, I will need a copy of your insurance card.

Please download and fill out the forms listed below in advance of your appointment. 

  1. Intake form
  2. Policies form
  3. Informed Consent for Teletherapy
  4. Authorization for Release of Information 
  5. Acknowledgment of Receipt of Notice of Privacy Practices

Do I need to contact the insurance company?

Since I am not in network with any insurance providers, If you are filing for out of network benefits, you will need to ask your insurance company the following questions:

1) Do you have mental (behavioral) health benefits?

2) If so, are you covered for out of network providers and at what rate?

3) Do you have a separate medical and behavioral health deductible? 

4) How much of the deductible have you met?

5) Is there a yearly or lifetime maximum benefit?

You are not in my network. Can this be affordable?

Depending upon your plan, many insurance companies pay a significant
portion of the fee for out of network mental (behavioral) health providers.
Should you require a specialization not offered by anyone in network, e.g.
certified sexuality therapist, insurance companies may be willing to treat this as "in network as a single case exception".

Who files insurance?

We will file the insurance for you unless you request otherwise.

What is the length of the appointment?

Most sessions are forty-five minutes. Longer sessions are
available if pre-arranged, and the fee is adjusted accordingly.
For the first session, you may wish to request an hour session or longer.

How frequent are the appointments?

Weekly sessions are usually optimum, although this may vary based upon need.

What is the payment policy?

Preferred methods of payment are Zelle, Venmo and check. (Special arrangements can be made if necessary for credit card payments) and are due and payable at the time of each visit.

What is your cancellation policy?

Twenty-four hours is the required notice for a cancellation. If twenty-four hours notice is not given and a cancellation fee is charged, please be aware that insurance cannot be billed, and the charges will be the client’s sole responsibility.

Do you prescribe medication?

Only a medical doctor can prescribe medication. If there is a need
for an evaluation for medication, this will be discussed, and the
appropriate referral will be made.

Do you accept Medicare and Medicaid?

Not at present.